Robots and engines representing automation
Robots and engines representing automation

Ritchie CLI is a powerful tool for automation that’s quite easy to install, customizing, and what’s more fascinating from my perspective, sharing such customizations with other people into git based repositories, without having to clone them directly.

Its usage is based on executing pre-built commands from the terminal, for instance, this very simple case of starting MongoDB via Docker in our local:

In this post I bring you the story of a client who’s chosen to rebuild the company static website into WordPress, out of a custom frontend application developed using Node.js, Nunjucks, bootstrap and some other things, exposed via Nginx in Google Cloud into a kubernetes cluster (let’s call it “k8s”), along with the backend services also hosted in there.

The motivation for investing on rebuilding the site was both due to the need of easily managing the static pages, at the time handled only by devs familiar with the tech stack, and also the high costs for scaling, due to…

Milena Pereira Santos

Software engineer driven by a lot of curiosity that besides tech stuff, loves chinchillas, coffee, pizza, music and more.

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